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How to Use?

Your bank muscat Travel Card can be used everywhere, where MasterCard® is accepted. This gives you the convenience to pay at more than 25 million Merchant Establishments worldwide. The Travel Card is like a normal bank muscat card that carries different currencies according to the convenience of the users.

The bank muscat Travel Card comes with powerful privileges, thoughtfully designed to complement the customer’s shopping experience and lifestyle. So there is no need to carry cash. Besides, there are no charges for using the card at Merchant Establishments.

The bank muscat Travel Card can be used like a debit card for everyday shopping, while traveling, on holidays and more.

Your Travel Card is great for making purchases online from overseas websites like or, or to make online bookings and hotel reservations of your choice across the world, where the iPIN can be used as the MasterCard secure code. Your exclusive iPIN will be included in the welcome kit.

Because your bank muscat Travel Card is a MasterCard®, you have access to the world’s largest ATM network. That means you can rest assured there’ll be an ATM you can use close by, wherever you are. Cash Withdrawal Fees apply.

Using your Card in other currencies
You can still use your bank muscat Travel Card for purchases in currencies other than your card’s currency. Transactions that aren’t in your card’s currency will be converted at the applicable currency conversion rate and will be subject to the Currency Conversion Fee. Details about the charges, exchange rate and other applicable fees can be found in the bank muscat / cards website.

Customer Portal
The bank muscat Travel Card holder, can log in to this dedicated area of the portal, to view his/her transactions and balances, change his/her iPIN, ATM PIN and also get a new iPIN or ATM PIN in case he/she has lost it.

With the bank muscat Travel Card, you no longer have to worry about your money being lost or stolen when you travel. Whether you are traveling abroad for business or for pleasure, your bank muscat Travel Card not only keeps your spending under control but it also perfectly compliments your shopping experience and lifestyle.


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