Corporate Credit Cards

With bank muscat Visa corporate credit cards, now you can manage your business’s cash flow, reduce cost of traveling and entertainment, consolidate spending information, streamline expenses, monitor your government payments and analyse your expense all in one.

bank muscat Corporate Credit Card Bouquet

bank muscat Visa Corporate standard credit card

Simplify your company’s spending with this unique credit card. This card is ideally used for staff traveling and entertainment use, departmental day to day expense and on-line shopping.

The Card features:

  • Accepted locally and internationally
  • Accepted for e-commerce
  • Cash Withdrawal up to 100% of the credit limit
  • Control expenditure
  • Control usage of the card
  • Lounge access in Muscat and Salalah international airport
bank muscat Visa Signature Corporate credit card

Enjoy access to over 750 premier lounges worldwide, 24/7 concierge service, travel insurance and spending power. This card is ideal the top executive management of your establishment.

  • Accepted locally and internationally
  • Accepted for e-commerce
  • Cash Withdrawal up to 100% of the credit limit
  • Control expenditure
  • Control usage of the card

The exclusive benefits

  • Relax over 750 lounges all over the world
  • Enjoy the exclusive concierge services
  • Special rates at luxurious hotels
  • Harrods black card discount
  • Dining discounts at prestige restaurants
  • Access to several unique gold courses
  • Exclusive offers and discounts from time to time
bank muscat Visa Corporate Purchase card

The bank muscat Corporate Purchase Card simplifies your payments of government fees. It is a “Business – to – Government “electronic payment solution. This product is designed for government payments in a secure and efficient way. The bank muscat Corporate Purchase Card is a multifunctional financial solution that reduce mis-use, work errors and time effective.

  • Valid only in Oman
  • No cash withdrawal or cash advance facility
  • Specially designed for payments at government agencies
  • Online reporting system
  • Control over where the card can be used
Savings - Reduce processing cost

Streamline your manual expenses processing, save time and create a simple payment solution with our corporate credit cards. Our wide-ranging yet easy to use web-based reporting systems allow you to reconcile and track all your company expenditure easily, therefore reducing associated costs and resources.

Control - Reduce risk

Your company now has the ability to control your card expenditure in which reduces your companies’ financial liability and miss use. With our enhanced system, control where, when and what you cards can be functional


Our cards are accepted over 20 million establishment worldwide. Pay for your traveling and entertainment needs to local government establishment.


Now you can see all your companies transactions made with our state-of-the-system, our comprehensive system can provide you with the full details of your cards.

Cards Corporate Standard Credit Card Signature Business Credit Card Corporate Purchase cards
Annual fees 25 OMR 30 OMR 10 OMR
Interest Rate (per month) 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Travel Insurance NA Yes No (Only Valid for government transaction)
On-Line Shopping Yes Yes No (Only Valid for government transaction)
Monthly Statements Yes Yes Yes
Cash Advance Limit Yes (Up-to 100% of the credit limit) Yes (Up-to 100% of the credit limit) Not available
SMS Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Lounge Access Yes to Two lounges in Muscat and Salalah International Airport Over 750 lounges all over the world No
Revolving Credit Facility Yes Yes Yes
Dining, travel and shopping discounts Yes No No

When you have a bank muscat Corporate Credit Card, you are bound by a number of terms and conditions of legal obligations.

bank muscat Corporate Credit Card Terms & Conditions, to view please click here


All standard corporate credit criteria will apply

The Corporate has to fill up the Corporate Card Application form (for the company) and for the employees to whom they want the cards to be issued

bank muscat SME Department to approve the total credit limit to be issued against these credit cards

Based on approval of Credit, bank muscat Card services will issue Credit cards to the employees

Can I use my purchase card on an ATM machine to withdraw cash?

The purchase card is designed for government transactions only, it's not allowed to withdraw cash at any time

How can I access the lounges on my Business Signature Card?

Present your Corporate Business Signature card at any of the 750 lounges, to find out which lounges accepts our cards, go to to explore options, guests will be charged.

What documents needed to apply for the card?

With the application form filled with the necessary information, we require the following

  • Commercial Registration certificate.
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry Registration.
  • Authorized Signatures recorded with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry membership card.
  • Identification Card.
  • Company's original stamp on the application form.
Can I change the credit limit? If So how can I do so?

We require a company letter head stating the preferred credit limit to any of our corporate branch.

Apply for the bank muscat Corporate Credit Card today! Gain greater control over your business purchasing, payment of fees and travel and entertainment spends.

How to apply for the bank muscat Corporate Credit Card:

You can apply through any bank muscat branch, or call us on 2479 5555 24/7 to provide your details in order for our representative to get in touch with you.

To view Corporate Credit Card Application Form, please click here

Documents required to complete the application:

  • Completely filled Corporate Credit Card Application Form (For company) – One time
  • Completely filled Corporate Credit Card Application Form (For Individual Employees) with photograph
  • Copy Of identity proof like National ID card, Passport etc.

Remember to Mention

  • Type of card to be issued
  • Credit limit to be issued
  • Corporate embossing name
  • Cash withdrawal facility Yes/No
  • Repayment Account Number
  • Payment option of total amount due or minimum amount due or a % of total amount due on payment due date
Lounge Access

Lounge Access

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel and Entertainment

Travel and Entertainment